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Criminal machinations in commerce and industry and at least in the financial world show that there is a pressing need to talk about ethical principles and accompanying values and norms and to foster socially responsible behavior.

To show this responsibility myVision network joins the ARGE proEhthik:

ARGE proEthik, under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Ludwig Adamovich, is a voluntary amalgamation of members of the Austrian chambers of commerce and all those who are committed to modern principles of ethical behavior and honest business management. The Ethics Committee of the ARGE proEthik stands ready to support its members in working up principles of ethical conduct. Beyond this, the Ethics Committee can be called upon to settle differences regarding interpretation and observance of the ethical principles.

ARGE proEthik seeks to foster correspondence between ethical values and the daily practice of the members, strengthen their sense of responsibility, create a framework of trust for their appearance in the marketplace, and encourage other firms to join. With these activities the ARGE proEthik makes a valuable contribution towards a society with a successful economy, greater social justice, and the sustained assurance of the standards thus far achieved.

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